Birmingham, Alabama is a city of pioneers, builders, the curious, and the determined.

From steel factories to start-ups, this city of artisans has relied on the strength and the skills of its people. Innovate Birmingham is growing and training our local workforce, as well as working to retain and attract new talent to the Magic City.


Building New Pathways

The demand for new IT talent calls for innovative new models to develop the workforce and stimulate our economy. The Innovate Birmingham Workforce Partnership secured nearly $6 million from the prestigious America's Promise Grant to help remove barriers to pursuing education and training for high-demand jobs in the IT sector. Financial assistance in the form of grants and scholarships are used, breaking down barriers and connecting Birmingham’s young talent to tech jobs.

Building Your Career

Today, the workforce builds its skill sets through a variety of paths: bootcamps, two-year colleges or four-year universities What we know at Innovate Birmingham is that no one path is the only way forward. That is why we are focused on pioneering ways to enter and move across institutions, enabling you to accumulate credentials and qualifications on a career pathway customized for you.

Martin Townsend photo

“This program has made me feel like I can bounce back from anything and have the entire support of a team of passionate professionals. It's been an unbelievable opportunity. People need to understand that this type of support and this type of program is in place. It has brought me peace and I feel like I have real hope for my future.”

Martin Townsend, Generation IT Student: Offer from Blue Cross


As an Innovate Birmingham Workforce student, you’ll learn high-demand IT skills that will prepare you for a career in Birmingham’s growing tech sector. You’ll have the full support of our team to prepare you for the job market, including support services and professional development training. When it’s time for interviews with our employer partners, you’ll be ready.

BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama logo

"BlueCross and BlueShield of Alabama is a proponent of training people living in our community to fill vacant technology jobs. The Innovate Birmingham workforce development initiative is a unique way of accelerating closure of the tech talent gap that currently exists in our region of the state."

-Scott McGlaun, Chief Information Officer at BlueCross and BlueShield of Alabama


There are three education paths to choose from:

I AM BHAM and Generation

jefferson state and lawson state community colleges

The university of alabama at birmingham

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