Innovate Birmingham, like the city it serves, represents the diverse community of innovation, ideas, creativity and entrepreneurship that has moved this city in the past and continues to move it today.

Its goals go beyond encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship to harnessing the city’s new technological iron and steel – our intellectual capital – into a vibrant, dedicated, and connected inclusive innovation economy.  It’s about fostering a community of innovative opportunity, where diverse organizations cooperate to build prosperity – for everyone.

It’s less a district bound by geography and more a core empowered by the strength, community, and connections we share.  The important elements – companies, investment capital, talent, and training – are forged together in Innovate Birmingham, connecting people and places to the city’s present and future.


Goal: More Talent



= more local start-ups & bigger economic impact

Goal: More Companies


= increased investment capital & suitable incentives

Goal: More Magic


= compelling national brand & enhanced competitive positioning