Birmingham has always been a city in motion.

Today, that motion is also a Birmingham renaissance. It’s the next chapter in our history – from iron and steel roots, to Civil Rights and finally, to a new economy based on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.


It’s a new, global and connected economy for Birmingham

that recognizes the value and talent in our community. Innovate Birmingham builds broad prosperity by connecting an inclusive community of innovators with the widest range of workers and investors.


Connecting the Dots in the Magic City

We're working with, connecting to, and maximizing efforts by organizations in Birmingham’s ecosystem to improve economic performance.

Building Value in the Magic City

We're developing data, delivering training, and supporting commercialization across all industries in Birmingham.

Lighting Up the Magic City

We're highlighting local successes, accelerating business growth, and increasing
investments to make Birmingham competitive nationally.

Birmingham Skyline


Innovate Birmingham is less about a district bound by geography and more about a core empowered by the strength, community, and connections we share.

Our Urban Core:

  • is a strong employment center, with about 120,000 people working here (Sources: Nielsen, LEHD)

  • is home to two preeminent research institutions – UAB and Southern Research

  • is becoming a tech and innovation hub, anchored by a globally recognized incubator, Innovation Depot

  • includes the Civil Rights National Monument for our City

  • is growing, with over 2,000 new residential units added since 2010 (Sources: BBA, REV)