Innovator Highlight: Yazmin Cavale, GLOW Founder and CEO

Name: Yazmin Cavale

 Yazmin Cavale, GLOW Founder/CEO

Yazmin Cavale, GLOW Founder/CEO

Company: GLOW

About GLOW

GLOW is an on-demand mobile beauty app that allows users to book hairstyling, makeup application, and/or spray tan services with locally vetted beauty professionals in the comfort of their home, hotel, or office.

The GLOW app empowers users not only to schedule beauty services on their own time; but on their own terms, by allowing users to choose the ”GlowPro” beauty professional they want to work with, the look they want to achieve and place they’d like it to be. Each GlowPro has their own profile complete with user reviews and a picture gallery of their work so that GLOW users can get a feel for each GlowPro before booking them.

Pricing ranges from $50-$175 depending on services rendered, and all payment, including gratuity, is exchanged directly through the mobile app. Users and their GlowPros also communicate through the app with messaging and calling capabilities, as well as directions. Group bookings are also available.

GLOW currently services Birmingham, AL and Nashville, TN. You can learn more about GLOW and download the app, by visiting our website at

Q & A

Why did you start your company?

I believe in providing a first-class beauty experience for everyday women who deserve to be pampered like the celebrities that they are. I also love small business, and I am passionate about creating an opportunity for my GlowPro hair, makeup and spray tan providers, to deliver these beauty services in an on demand fashion. Bringing these two strong passions of mine -- beauty and entrepreneurship -- into one mobile application that anyone can use is my dream coming to fruition!

What has kept you and your company in Birmingham?

I originally moved to Birmingham to be closer to my mother. I always say "Where your mom is, is home." Little did I know moving to Birmingham would be one of the best decisions I would ever make. It is here that I met my husband, Jim, started a family, and built this business. We have a great life here. With that, I believe in Birmingham and believe businesses are essential in supporting the movement to grow and reach new heights as a city and shape the narrative surrounding Birmingham. For GLOW specifically, I find that women in Birmingham love to get beautified more than in any other city I’ve been to, so the market and the opportunities in Birmingham are huge.

What do you think makes the Magic City, “magic”?

This is an easy one, the people. What our city is consistently able to showcase is a collective group working together to move Birmingham forward. The support and energy our community exudes are unmatched in other markets and I have grown to appreciate it even more in my current role.

What do you think makes the Magic City, “magic”?

The people. This city is full of talent, creativity, genius, motivation, and innovation. The people here put Birmingham back on the map and are the reason it continues to make a name for itself. While I don't think any of the growth Birmingham has seen has happened magically -- it has taken and continues to take a lot of hard work and dedication -- the results are pretty magical.

What advice would you give budding entrepreneurs?

Work hard, stay humble, and trust God through it all. Dream big, and hire people who are better at what they do than you are. Stay passionate and keep a sense of urgency about you, but understand that great things take time -- be patient.