Innovator Highlight: Christopher Aliotta, Founder of Quantalytix

Name: Christopher Aliotta

Company: Quantalytix

About Quantalytix

Quantalytix is a software-as-a-Service platform for the financial services industry. Through our web-based platform customers can immediately gain access to market data, news, and economic events. Quantalytix is built by financial professionals for financial professions allowing us to focus on key features and functionality that are important. The problem we are solving is that Financial Institutions are demanding market data at all levels of their organizations; yet, access to this data is limited and sold at a premium. As such, timely and affordable access to market data is in high demand. Furthermore, costs of delivering market data and information has decreased, yet current solution pricing has remained unchanged. The high costs, and inflexible licensing models, that are primarily based on per seat approach, creates information asymmetry within organizations. Current solutions are non-intuitive and bottleneck productivity by having large learning curves and needed training. Quantalytix solves these problems. 

Q & A

Why did you start your company?

I started Quantalytix after having worked 12+ years in the banking industry and observing a need for better market data and analytics. As a risk manager, I oftentimes needed market data to perform my job duties. I noticed that simple data, that should be easy to access, was restricted and hard to get.  I also noticed that the current solutions created “walled gardens” that made information sharing prohibitive and created workplace inefficiencies. As I advanced in my career as a banker, I observed that these problems were not unique and that every financial institution was affected in one way or another. Quantalytix market data services is just one step in our grand plan to addressing these opportunities.

What has kept you and your company in Birmingham?

Headquartering Quantalytix in Birmingham was a strategic decision. First, Birmingham is a banking friendly city. As such, it made sense to build our company right next to all of the banks within the area. The second reason we decided to stay in Birmingham was the growing support of the startup community. We were accepted into Innovation Depot’s Velocity Accelerator program and this has helped propel our company. Finally, we see a lot of potential in Birmingham. As stated earlier, Birmingham is known to be a banking city; however, we believe that Birmingham can also be a FinTech city as well.

What do you think makes the Magic City, “magic”?

Just as Birmingham experienced explosive economic growth from 1880 to the 1920’s -thereby earning the nickname ‘The Magic City’, we believe this same magic is burgeoning for technology within the city. Greater interest, increased participation, and new resources around technology are popping up everywhere in the Magic City. With the same spirit and communal grit that propelled ‘magical’ growth in the past, we believe Birmingham is on the verge of something special with technology. As a Fintech company, we look forward to playing a first-hand role in this movement.

What's the most enjoyable project you're working right now?

We’re expanding our market data services to include more data. It has been a lot of fun working with developers and designers and seeing our vision become a reality. It’s also been great to hear the positive feedback and excitement from our peers in the industry.

What advice would you give budding entrepreneurs?

If possible, build a minimum viable product and get your first customer before jumping full-time into your startup. Also, make sure you read Zero to One by Peter Thiel and The Lean Startup by Eric Ries."

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